Blood Pressure Is A Hidden Killer?

              Blood pressure is a hidden killer

Like diabetes, blood pressure has become so common over the last 30-40 years that there is hardly a home that does not have a discussion about the disease. High blood pressure patients in our country There are tens of millions of them and millions of them die every year due to this sock disease. Just as there is no known cure for diabetes so far, there is no satisfactory blood pressure. Treatment has not yet been found, so symptomatic treatment is being limited and in most cases the patient has to take medication for life.

First of all, it is very important to tell about the symptoms of high blood pressure, so that you can be aware of these symptoms and get treatment under the shadow of a doctor to avoid this deadly disease. Headache, dizziness, rapid heartbeat. Nervousness, heaviness in the head, chest pain when walking a little, nausea, vomiting, loss of vision, feeling weak all over the body and especially in the legs, swelling around the ankles, shortness of breath Here are some of the symptoms of high blood pressure, but sometimes it happens that the blood pressure exceeds 200 and the patient has no symptoms and no suspicion of high blood pressure. If there is no sign of pressure, it can be very dangerous and can be deceived into believing that any day, suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, the source of a heart attack or a ruptured cerebral artery is piled up. can.

High blood pressure is primarily a silent disease, which is why it is called "Silent-Killer" in English, meaning "Silent Killer". Check the patient's blood pressure so that some patients can be caught in this way. When finding out the causes of high blood pressure, it is very important to pay attention to the evils and bad habits prevalent in the society, today everyone is worried Someone's money is worthless, someone's children are incompetent, someone's own bosses or employees, someone's fighting with neighbors, someone's worried about manipulating business, someone's tax evasion I'm wrong, Makoi is hiding black money, someone is suffering from unemployment, someone's daughter is being threatened and burnt by in-laws, so all these worries are constantly hitting the human brain with hammers and causing high blood pressure In this way, elevated blood pressure eventually puts a strain on the heart, brain, kidneys and eyes, exhausting them and suffocating them, in addition to mental distress. Alcohol and cigarette use, overeating, excessive consumption of ghee and fat, fattening your stomach after eating, and making your stomach a graveyard with meat, chickens, sitting in one place all day. Gaining weight, not walking and not exercising, thinking wrong all the time, being trapped in delusions and anxiety, irritability, thinking of yourself as the highest and the biggest, etc., all these are the reasons for raising blood pressure. Causes, many people have congenital hypertension and such a patient dies prematurely due to high blood pressure in the world of adolescence.

A healthy person should have a normal blood pressure of 80 to 120. The blood pressure of a person with a living emotion is naturally slightly higher and lower. But the upper should not be higher than 140 and the lower should not be higher than 85. Whenever you have your blood pressure checked, whether you are at home or in a doctor's clinic, the blood pressure taken after lying down for at least 15 minutes should be considered correct. Staying above 90 causes burden and pressure on the heart, while staying above 100 can be dangerous for the heart. Upper blood pressure does not want to exceed 130 and The last limit is that if you are going above it, you should immediately bring it below 140 with the help of diet and medicine and breathe.

The blood pressure machine is full of mercury. It jumps up and down to show the level of blood pressure and blood pressure disease also affects people with mercury nature. In the case of high blood pressure, to say that it is a It is a kind of worm disease and it will not go unnoticed. In most cases, the cause of this disease can not be found despite a full and continuous investigation and when the cause is not known, where to bring it? Therefore, in most cases, blood pressure should be avoided. And the medication is enough to keep you down and this temporary treatment often has to continue for life.

Keeping blood pressure in the normal range as well as being engaged in the search for its causes and eliminating these causes from the body is the only correct solution to this problem. Family and racial factors are also important. For example, in Spain and Abyssinians, blood pressure is almost non-existent. It is lower than in men and after the age of 50 years, the rate of blood pressure becomes the same in both men and women. Is .

Anxiety, Frequency of Emotions, Excessive Excess, Fatigue, Stress, Economic Dysfunction, Persistent Illness at Home, Death of a Closer Road Fear, Danger, Domestic Violence and Unable to Adapt to Every Environment Blood Pressure There are important reasons for the increase and all of them can be realized in every environment by crying, acting and with dignity and at the same time one has to resort to suitable medicines.

Obesity and diabetes are the causes of high blood pressure after the above mentioned causes of high blood pressure caused by stress. High blood pressure is also considered as a cause of high blood pressure. Obesity causes fat all over the body and especially inside and outside the arteries. Blood pressure rises due to constriction of the nerves due to freezing of the layers of blood and the heart must have a negative effect on the heart, so in such a case by reducing the diet and avoiding fats and fats as well as exercise and exercise. By reducing and eliminating obesity, blood pressure can be normalized. Similarly, patients with diabetes also have to suffer from high blood pressure due to accumulation of fat in the blood vessels and if the sugar is completed in time. If kept under control, even blood pressure cannot cause havoc.

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